I am a lifestyle writer, with a special focus on general health, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, fitness, psychology, service journalism, and human interest profiles. I'm all about the scientific method and evidence-based medicine, and love the idea that great writing can turn a potentially scary or boring health topic into something interesting, digestible, and genuinely useful and empowering to readers.

Here are some examples of my work at different publications.

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Thrive Global:
How to Get More Sleep as a New Mom, According to SELF Editor in Chief Carolyn Kylstra

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And more...

Women's Health:
Questions About The Ebola Virus That You've Probably Googled This Week
The Truth About The 7-Minute Workout

Dartmouth Alumni Magazine:
The Art Of War — Artist Daniel Heyman ’85 uses his medium as a message about the atrocities of torture and abuse.
Profile of brothers Milton and Frederick Ochieng — After building a clinic in their Kenyan village, physician brothers tackle child mortality and sanitation.
Profile of Christopher Smith — The attorney, professor, and national security and terrorism expert is trying to establish a predictive model of behavior for how indigenous populations will interact with Al Qaeda.
Profile of Jessica Glago — After deciding that she wanted to change her own eating habits, the cancer survivor and her husband built an app, Wholesome, to make the endeavor that much easier.